About Us

Our firm has a diverse background.  With over a half century of experience, we are equipped to serve a varied clientele.  Our experience includes working with the international accounting mega-firm Price Waterhouse Coopers in Los Angeles.  We have also worked in the trenches in local and regional firms.  We have experience in private industry and have worked as accountants and controllers in a wide range of fields.

As certified public accountants we enjoy the highest level of certification that can be given to an accountant.  To become a CPA a person must complete strict educational and experience requirements and pass a rigorous 20-hour exam.  To remain in practice a CPA must complete many hours of continuing education and periodically undergo a peer review.  As a result the CPA has come to be recognized as the most trusted advisor.

We work with numbers but find the greatest satisfaction in associating with clients and co-workers.  We believe that true happiness comes from serving others. 

A core belief of our firm holds that the family is the basic fabric of society.  As a result, part of our mission is give back, and support activities and organizations that build and strengthen the family.  We have been volunteers with the Boy Scouts of America, Habitat for Humanity, St. Mary's Food Bank, the Mesa Cannery, Make a Difference Day, disaster relief organizations and other church, community, and civic efforts.  We were involved in promoting a nationwide rally to encourage ideals and values promulgated by the founding fathers. 

Firm personnel are well traveled and speak several languages.