Business Solutions

We offer a wide range of assistance, including business financial, personal financial, accounting, and tax advisory services. We also serve as consultants on management, human resources, forensic and technology issues. The core services we provide can accommodate any business or personal need.

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Accounting services
Assurance services
Technology consulting

Accounting services

  • Prepare, compile, financial statements
  • Analyze financial materials and reporting procedures to reassure stockholders that a company’s financial position is reported honestly

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Assurance services

In addition to traditional attest services, CPAs provide assurance expertise in other niche areas:

  • Through WebTrust, CPAs address electronic commerce issues and offer a range of advisory and assurance services to help clients address security, online privacy, availability and confidentiality needs
  • Through CPA SysTrust, CPAs address system reliability and offer a range of advisory and assurance services to help clients address security, availability and confidentiality needs.
  • Through ElderCare Services, CPAs provide services to assure that the care goals of family members are achieved when elderly family members are no longer able to act independently

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Business financial services

  • Help clients in obtaining financing
  • Perform financial, inventory management, cost control and credit studies
  • Create accounting systems
  • Develop budgets and forecasts

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Business valuation, forensic and litigation services

  • Determine the value of a company or an intangible asset
  • Analyze financial data
  • Create damage studies and business valuations to assist attorneys
  • Testify as expert witnesses in court
  • Serve as liaisons to attorneys and bankers during business acquisitions, divorce settlements, bankruptcies and alternative dispute resolutions

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Human resources consulting

  • Create job descriptions, personnel policies, systems and manuals
  • Suggest compensation policies and practices
  • Develop plans for compensation, fringe benefits and retirement

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Management consulting

  • Reinforce planning process to manage risk, to create realistic goals, and to increase profits/market share
  • Design and implement Management Information Systems to meet a company’s needs
  • Facilitate management decisions by predicting the effects of proposed plans
  • Increase efficiency and improve use of resources by analyzing operations and suggesting changes to business structure

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Personal financial planning services

  • Give personal financial planning advice, including help with financing a child’s education, buying a new home, estate and retirement planning
  • Help clients to secure loans and credit
  • Develop plans for savings and investments growth
  • Predict future income and expenses

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Tax advisory services

  • Plan short-term and long-term goals to lower tax liabilities
  • Ensure client compliance with tax laws
  • Reduce the effect of estate and inheritance taxes by providing retirement and estate planning advice
  • Prepare tax returns
  • Assist with tax problems and representing clients before government agencies

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Technology consulting

  • Provide technology solutions to business problems
  • Recommend accounting and business software
  • Oversee installation and training of business software

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