Recommended Books

Letters from Uncle Jules - A Practical Layman's Guide for Dealing With Income Taxes
Making Taxes easy an easy to read guide for small business owners.

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Designed for the small business owner, this is a book about taxes that you might actually enjoy reading. It gives practical solutions to the challenges facing today's entrepreneurs.
The Truth About Paying Fewer Taxes
In 52 concise and engaging chapters, author S. Kay Bell covers the basics of federal taxes and how to plan your financial decisions to take advantage of various tax breaks.
PriceWaterhouseCoopers Guide to Tax and Financial Planning
The tax and personal finance experts at PriceWaterhouseCoopers have written a top-notch guide to tax planning. They write clearly, presenting sensible ideas for minimizing your tax bill in plain English. They even discuss several strategies for reducing the alternative minimum tax. Handy checklists and five chapters on year-end strategies makes this a first-rate book for people looking to be more active in planning their taxes.

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